On-time departures/arrivals for PER – report

The rate of flights departing and arriving through Perth Airport on time has worsened, with nearly one in five running late.

Jetstar is the main culprit, with only 64.3 per cent of its 2044 flights departing Perth on time in the 12 months to June, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics analysis.

About 77 per cent of the budget airline’s flights arrived as scheduled.

Regional carrier SkyWest also performed poorly, with 73.1 per cent of its 793 flights departing within the 15 minute-timeframe and 62.2 per cent meeting the standard.

Overall, 81.4 per cent of flights left Perth on time, down from 83 per cent during 2010-11.

The percentage of on time arrivals dropped from 81.8 per cent to 78.8 per cent.

During the same period the number of flights touching Perth Airport increased by about 8 per cent.

The airport is undergoing a major $750 million redevelopment, with the number of passengers doubling in seven years to 11.5 million.

The project includes a new domestic terminal.

The Perth result was almost the worst of the major Australia capital cities, only marginally beating Sydney which accommodates more than three times as many flights.

The decline in performance in Perth compares to an improvement nationally.

The national on time average across 35 airports was 81.5 per cent of departures, compared to 80.6 a year earlier, and 80 per cent of arrivals, compared to 78.8 per cent of arrivals.

Passengers travelling between Perth and Geraldton were most likely to be late, with only 65 per cent of departures and 67 per cent of arrivals running on time. The route was the worst in Australia.

Perth routes also recorded some of the highest cancellations in the country. Flights from the mining towns of Karratha (3.5 per cent cancelled) and Port Hedland (3.2 per cent), and tourist haven Broome (3.1 per cent) were among the five routes with the highest rate of cancellation.

A Perth Airport spokesperson said the results reflected individual airlines’ performance and were out of the airport’s control.

“BITRE’s domestic airline on time performance report measures airline performance not airport performance,” the spokesperson said.

“Queries regarding on time performance should be directed to individual airlines.”

A Jetstar spokesman said planes usually touched multiple airports in a day and a plane passing through Perth could be affected by delays experienced in other parts of the country.

“Almost half of our domestic flying is concentrated on airports in south-east Queensland. This region experiences a higher frequency of weather related disruptions such as airborne holding and diversions,” he said.

“Such disruptions can have a knock on effect on other services across the network.”

The spokesman said the airline’s overall performance, which was the worst of eight major and regional brands assessed for departures and near the bottom for arrivals, reflected a higher exposure to regional weather events.

-Perth: 81.4% departures, 78.8% arrivals.


-Jetstar: 64.3% departures on time, 77.5% arrivals.

-Qantas: 81.6% departures, 79.5% arrivals.

-QantasLink: 82.5% departures, 79.6% arrivals.

-Skywest: 73.1% departures, 62.2% arrivals.

-Tiger Airways: 83.4% departures, 91.3% arrivals.

-Virgin Australia: 85.8% departures, 78.5% arrivals.

From: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/flying-to-or-from-perth-prepare-to-be-late-20120806-23q4v.html#ixzz22qijeogl


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