Qantas and Emirates partnership; see’s rerouting via Dubai instead of Singapore

Qantas and Emirates will join forces in April 2013 in a partnership that will radically redraw the Red Roo’s network map, directing all European flights via Dubai and adding almost 50 destinations in Europe and Africa, while helping speed the recovery of its ailing international operations.
Qantas will retain two daily Qantas Airbus A380 flights, from Sydney to London and Melbourne to London, but both will break their journey at Dubai instead of Singapore.
In a dramatic move, Qantas will end its partnership with British Airways and all but abandon Singapore as a Qantas hub.

As expected, the Qantas-Emirates partnership will involve a codeshare between Qantas and Emirates which will allow the airlines to sell seats on each other’s flights.
Emirates flights will appear on Qantas timetables and carry a QF flight number, with frequent flyers will be able to earn and burn points on Emirates flights and enjoy status-centric perks such as lounge access, priority check-in and a higher luggage allowance – read our report for all the details.
All road lead to Dubai

Qantas will adopt Emirates’ home of Dubai as a new strategically-located hub in the Middle East with daily Qantas flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth headed to Dubai International Airport instead of Singapore.
From there, passengers will transfer onto Emirates flights and head to their final destination – including some 30 cities across the UK and Europe, which is a definite improvement over Qantas’ current options of London or Frankfurt.

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